Chapter 7. Configuring IBM Workplace Services Express for external LDAP directories 353
Figure 7-60 User object class
7.5.3 Configuring Workplace Services Express files
Workplace Services Express uses WebSphere Member Manager. In order for
WebSphere Member Manager to recognize the preferredLanguage attribute, you
need to add it to the Member Manager LDAP attributes XML file.
Complete the following steps:
1. Using a text editor locate the file in the following directory:
2. There are many attributeMap tags. Search for the one with wmmAttributeName
of preferredLanguage and ensure the settings in Example 7-5 on page 354
match. If the tag does not exist, you need to add it.
Note: The following manual file configuration is not required for Workplace
Services Express V2.5, only for Workplace Services Express V2.0.
354 IBM Workplace Services Express
Example 7-5 wmmAttributeName tag
<attributeMap wmmAttributeName="preferredLanguage"
multiValued="false" />
3. To complete the task, the Member Manager ExtID must be mapped to a field
that can contain a string to uniquely identify an entry. For the Active Directory
server, you can map the objectGUID attribute to the external identifier.
objectGUID is a unique identifier that is automatically included by Active
Directory for each LDAP entry created, so there is no need to modify the
schema and add an additional one. If you need instructions about how to add
a unique identifier to Active Directory refer to 8.5.2, “Adding a unique ID to an
Active Directory Schema” on page 435. The following two files need to be
modified to complete the mapping:
Search for the <ldapRepository> tag, and set the wmmGenerateExtId
attribute to false.
Example 7-6 <ldapRepository> tag
<ldapRepository name="wmmLDAP"

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