Chapter 2. Installation and administration 19
Software requirements
Workplace Services Express has the following hardware requirements:
򐂰 Linux operating systems:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 2.1 for Intel (x86), Update 3
SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server (SLES) for Intel (x86) 8 2.4 Kernel
򐂰 Microsoft Windows operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise
Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP4
򐂰 Web browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 SP1
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2
Mozilla Web Browser 1.4 (supported on Linux (Intel) systems and not
Microsoft Windows systems)
Mozilla Web Browser 1.3
Mozilla Web Browser 1.2.1
Netscape Communicator 7.2
2.2 IBM Workplace Services Express installation
The IBM Workplace Services Express installation includes all the necessary
software required to get the site up and running.
Complete the following steps:
1. Insert CD 1-1 to launch the installer.
Note: For Windows 2003, check to see if you have the Terminal Services
installed before you install the product.
Important: If you plan to use an existing LDAP user registry, you must perform
the appropriate configuration steps immediately after installation, and before
you start Workplace Services Express, as outlined in Chapter 7, “Configuring
IBM Workplace Services Express for external LDAP directories” on page 285.
20 IBM Workplace Services Express
The installation program might automatically start when you insert the disc if
the Autostart function is enabled. Otherwise, run the Install.bat command
from the root directory of the CD drive (run Install.bat -console to perform
the installation in console mode).
2. Select the language to use and click OK, as shown in Figure 2-1.
Figure 2-1 Language selection
Tip: If installing Workplace Services Express on Linux, run the following
command from the root directory of the CD drive:
򐂰 ./ to install in graphical mode
򐂰 ./ -console to install in console mode.
Remember that the following disk space is required for each directory:
򐂰 /: 1.5 GB or more (root directory)
򐂰 /opt: 2.5 GB or more.
򐂰 /home: 500 MB or more (home directory)
The default directory to install Workplace Services Express on Linux is
/opt, which you can change to any directory you like later. By default, /opt is
under / file system in default. If you choose to install Workplace Services
Express under /usr, 3.5 GB or more of disk space is recommended.
Chapter 2. Installation and administration 21
3. Click Next on the Welcome panel to continue, as shown in Figure 2-2.
Figure 2-2 Welcome panel
4. Accept the Terms of the License Agreement after you have read it, and click
22 IBM Workplace Services Express
5. Specify the Directory where you would like to install Workplace Services
Express, as shown in Figure 2-3. The default directory is C:\Program
Figure 2-3 Installation directory
Chapter 2. Installation and administration 23
6. Enter the Hostname of the computer where you are installing Workplace
Services Express, as shown in Figure 2-4.
The host name can be a fully qualified DNS name, short DNS name, or IP
Figure 2-4 Workplace Services Express Hostname

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