Chapter 3. Features and functionality 101
3.6.6 Editing an existing template
From the Workplace Services Express Template Library, we can also modify an
existing template. To do this, click one or more of the icons to the right of a
particular template in the list. By default, the supplied templates with Workplace
Services Express are locked by the administration account. This lock can be
overridden by the administrator (or template owner) by clicking the Unlock icon
on the right side of the template name. Now that the template is unlocked, you
can modify the page layout of the template.
Viewing and editing a template
To customize a template or view details about it, click the template name. This
launches the Template Editor, which provides tools for you to customize a
Setting template roles
As you customize a template, you need to decide who can create applications
based on this template and who can modify all or parts of the template. Template
roles refine the access granted through the Workplace user policy. Click the Key
icon to set the template roles, as shown in Figure 3-66.
Figure 3-66 Template Roles page
Change Owner
Click the Change Owner button to open a Directory Search window that enables
you to choose a name from the directory to become the new template owner.
102 IBM Workplace Services Express
Template roles
Click either the Template Editors link or the Template Users link to open a list
of names assigned to each. In Figure 3-67, we clicked Template Users to see the
list of names authorized to create new applications from this template.
Figure 3-67 Template Users
Click the Add button to open the Directory Search window. We can then search
for additional users in the directory and add them. Click OK in the Directory
window and Done in the Template Users page to add a user to the list of
template users.
Chapter 3. Features and functionality 103
Figure 3-68 Searching for and adding users
Close Template Roles
Click the Close Template Roles button to return to the Template Library.
Exporting a template
After you customize a template, you can export it as an XML file. Click the Export
icon to the right of the template listing to open a File Download window, where
you can pick a file name and path to save the file to a local disk. After a template
is saved as an XML file, it will be available for use by others (that is, for importing
into another Workplace Services Express or Workplace Collaboration Services
Deleting a template
Deleting a template permanently removes it from the template list. You must be
the template owner or a Workplace Services Express administrator to delete a
template. Click the Delete icon to the right of the template listing to delete and
confirm this action.
Tip: For more information about building components for IBM Workplace, see
Building a Component for IBM Workplace, REDP-3952, available at:

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