Answers to Assessment Test

IC3—Module 1: Computing Fundamentals

  1. D. The keyboard shortcut for Copy is Ctrl+C.
  2. C. Android is the only operating system in the list.
  3. A, B. Modern operating systems execute applications and commands in real time, and they allow multiple applications to run at the same time (multitasking).
  4. D. The Clipboard holds information temporarily until you opt to paste it somewhere else.
  5. C. Windows Update is a tool that keeps Windows up to date.
  6. C. The processor is the “brains” of a computer. The CPU is what carries out the instructions sent by the software you run.
  7. D. Peripherals are external hardware components that can be connected to a computer.
  8. B. A laptop is a portable computer that is suitable for mobile use. ...

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