SNA 2008 – Contents

FURTHER TO THE AFOREMENTIONED REFERENCES to the 700-page 2008 SNA document, and a brief introduction to the chapters therein, the following provides a strong indication as to the related details by listing the associated contents, as are extensive.

  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • Preface
  • List of abbreviations and acronyms
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • What is the System of National Accounts?
    • The conceptual elements of the SNA
      • Activities and transactions
      • The institutional sectors of the economy
      • Accounts and their corresponding economic activities
        • The goods and services account
        • The sequence of accounts
          • Current accounts
          • Accumulation accounts
          • Balance sheets
        • Other accounts of the SNA
          • Supply and use tables
          • Accounts in volume terms
    • Uses of the SNA
      • Monitoring the behaviour of the economy
      • Macroeconomic analysis
      • International comparisons
    • The boundaries of the SNA
      • Non-monetary transactions
      • The production boundary
        • Household production
        • Other production boundary problems
      • The consumption boundary
      • The asset boundary
      • National boundaries
      • Final consumption, intermediate consumption and gross fixed capital formation
        • Human capital
        • Repairs, maintenance and gross fixed capital formation
    • The SNA as a coordinating framework for statistics
      • Harmonization between different statistical systems
      • The use of microdata for macroeconomic accounting
    • Links with business accounting
      • International accounting standards
    • Expanding the scope of the SNA
    • The SNA and ...

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