Chapter 1

Introducing IFRS

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing how standards are set, and amended

arrow Rolling out IFRS globally

arrow Presenting IFRS financial statements

Many organisations use International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS) in preparing their general purpose financial statements – the year-/period-end statements prepared for users: shareholders and external stakeholders like employees, tax authorities, banks and financiers. The IFRS and IAS tell accountants and other preparers of financial statements how to account for transactions and events, and what to disclose, within the accounts.

Over recent years, the IFRS have become more and more prevalent throughout the world, but a frequently asked question is why? Well, many countries like the idea of being able to produce financial information comparable to that of other companies that report under IFRS – for example, comparing against other companies in the same industry but in a different country. Think from a potential investor’s point of view: if you’re planning to pump money into a company, you need to see clear and comparable financial information. And because IFRS is now gathering ...

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