Chapter 5A Closer Look at ROE2Get a Clear Summary of ROE2—and a For-Mere-Mortals Look at the Math Behind It

Here we take a closer look at Return on Experience × Engagement (ROE2) and its elements, and provide a more detailed view of how it works. And we explore the math behind our approach to inspiring and measuring ROE2.

As we discussed in the previous chapters of Part One, ROE2 starts with an actionable brand idea (ABI). An organization will develop its actionable brand ideas by looking at the macro context of the Five Cs—context, category, competition, company, and customer. ABIs are informed by this information and in particular by knowledge of customers and their needs, and are focused on the customer behaviors the organization seeks and the attributes it can influence.

Here are some of my favorite examples of ABIs:

  • TXUUse less of what I sell. Instead of focusing on price, this energy company focused the consumers on paying less based on managing usage.
  • DoveBeauty as a source of confidence, not anxiety. Instead of using models, Dove created a social campaign that encouraged consumers to upload photos of themselves—selfies with a purpose.
  • MeadQuality and durability that is legendary. This ABI drove the Cinco the Dog campaign (the dog that can't eat the homework)—a great piece of engaging content.

A well-conceived ABI will facilitate the creation of customer experiences and engagement that strengthen connection to the brand—and drive improved business outcomes in the ...

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