Setting Up the Show

Of course, this canned slideshow is just a starting point. To put together a presentation that will dazzle friends and family, you’re invited to select the most impressive photos, choose the perfect background music, and even control how fast or slow the show moves along. Best of all, you can save different slideshow settings for each album, as described later in this chapter.

Choose Your Photos

When putting together a slideshow, your first task is choosing the photos you want to include.

As a starting point, here’s how iPhoto determines which photos it includes:

  • If no photos are selected, iPhoto shows all the pictures currently in the photo viewing area, starting with the first photo in the album or Photo Library.

    Most people, most of the time, want to turn one album into a slideshow. That’s easy—just click the album before starting the slideshow. It can be any album you’ve created, a smart album, the Last Roll album, or one of iPhoto’s built-in monthly and yearly albums. As long as no individual pictures are selected, iPhoto will reveal all the pictures in the currently open album.


    You can run a slideshow from a photo album, or from your entire Photo Library—but not from multiple albums. You can select more than one album simultaneously (by

    Choose Your Photos

    -clicking them), but when you click Play, iPhoto uses only the first album for the slideshow.

  • If only one photo is visible ...

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