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iLife '11 Made Simple

Book Description

Are you new to the Macintosh experience and iLife? Or are you someone who wants to know the ins and outs of Apple's powerful media creation tools? Either way, you have come to right place. iLife '11 Made Simple will guide you through the iLife apps and help you become a power user in no time.

iLife '11 Made Simple lets you be creative with iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, iWeb, and GarageBand—from the initial welcome screen to the last menu item. Even though iTunes is not part of the retail package, it is an important part of the creation or sharing process and is covered in this book as well. You'll also learn how iLife apps work on iOS devices as well as how they work with iCloud.

So, if you just want to learn how to create a basic movie, song or website, iLife '11 Made Simple is perfect for you. Want to become a media mogul in any of the covered applications? After reading this manual, you'll be swept into the creative process and be well on your way to creating or enhancing your next iLife masterpiece! You already own the most powerful and easy-to-use computer in the known universe. With this guide in hand, you'll see how Apple applies its magic to incredible software packages as well.

What you'll learn

  • Edit and share photos with iPhoto

  • In-depth features of iDVD

  • Simplify the arcane magic behind video editing with iMovie

  • Easy web publishing with iWeb

  • Make music or even get started learning an instrument with GarageBand

  • Make the most of all the features of iTunes

Who this book is for

Mac and iDevice users, whether new or experienced, who want to get the most out of their iLife '11 applications.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. About the Technical Reviewer
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Part I: Quick Start Guide
    1. Getting Around Quickly
      1. Main Items of Interest
      2. Shortcut Keys
  9. Part II: Introduction
    1. Welcome to iLife '11!
      1. Getting the Most out of iLife '11 Made Simple
      2. Navigating this Book
  10. Part III: Getting Started
    1. Getting iLife into Your Life: Installing, Configuring, and Updating…
      1. Installing iLife onto Your Macintosh
      2. Accessing Mac Software from the App Store
      3. Summary
  11. Part IV: iPhoto
    1. Chapter 1: Getting Around Your Digital Darkroom
      1. Source List
      2. Workspace
      3. Scrollbar
      4. Window Options
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: Setting Your Sights on iPhoto’s Menus
      1. iPhoto Menu
      2. File Menu
      3. Edit Menu
      4. Photos Menu
      5. Events Menu
      6. Share Menu
      7. View Menu
      8. Window Menu
      9. Help Menu
      10. Summary
    3. Chapter 3: Getting Your Memories into the Digital Darkroom
      1. Drag and Drop
      2. Importing Photos Using iPhoto’s File Menu
      3. Making Your Photos Picture Perfect
      4. Edit Button
      5. Enhance Your Editing Experience
      6. Summary
    4. Chapter 4: Creating and Sharing Personalized Photo Keepsakes
      1. Leveraging the Create Button
      2. Creating a Card
      3. Creating a Calendar
      4. Share Button
      5. Summary
    5. Chapter 5: Faces and Places
      1. Exploring Faces
      2. Exploring Places
      3. Summary
    6. Chapter 6: And Now … a Slideshow!
      1. Themes
      2. Music
      3. Settings
      4. Slideshow Toolbar
      5. Creating a Slideshow to Save for Future Use
      6. Exporting Your Slideshow
      7. Summary
  12. Part V: iDVD
    1. Chapter 7: Beginner DVD Creation via iDVD
      1. OneStep DVD
      2. Magic iDVD
      3. Open an Existing Project
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 8: iDVD Workspace: The Widescreen Edition
      1. Starting from Scratch
      2. iDVD's main workspace
      3. Getting Rid of the Generic Names for Project Elements
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 9: Burning Questions About iDVD Menus
      1. iDVD Menu
      2. File Menu
      3. Edit Menu
      4. Project Menu
      5. View Menu
      6. Advanced Menu
      7. Window Menu
      8. Help Menu
      9. Summary
  13. Part VI: iWeb
    1. Chapter 10: Welcome to Web Creation the iWeb Way!
      1. Welcome Screen
      2. Choosing a Theme
      3. iWeb Work Environment
      4. Three Ways to Publish Your Site
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 11: When in Doubt in iWeb, Go to the Inspector!
      1. How Do I Access the Inspector Function?
      2. Page Inspector
      3. Photos Inspector
      4. Blog and Podcast Inspector
      5. Text Inspector
      6. Graphic Inspector
      7. Metrics Inspector
      8. Link Inspector
      9. QuickTime Inspector
      10. Summary
    3. Chapter 12: Bookmark This Chapter on iWeb Menus!
      1. iWeb Menu
      2. File Menu
      3. Edit Menu
      4. Insert Menu
      5. Format Menu
      6. Arrange Menu
      7. View Menu
      8. Help Menu
      9. Summary
  14. Part VII: iMovie
    1. Chapter 13: Lights…Camera…Themes…iMovie Workspaces!
      1. Theme Selection
      2. iMovie Workspaces
      3. Importing Live Video or Accessing a Video Camera
      4. Adding a Voiceover to Your Video
      5. Sharing Your Movie
      6. Summary
    2. Chapter 14: iMovie Advanced Features: The Inspector, Ken Burns Effect, and More
      1. The Inspector
      2. Ken Burns Effect
      3. Cropping an Object via the Preview Window
      4. Gear Button
      5. Even More Advanced Features Await You
      6. Summary
    3. Chapter 15: Calling the Shots on the iMovie Menus
      1. iMovie Menu
      2. File Menu
      3. Edit Menu
      4. Clip Menu
      5. View Menu
      6. Text Menu
      7. Share Menu
      8. Window Menu
      9. Help Menu
      10. Summary
  15. Part VIII: GarageBand
    1. Chapter 16: Rockin' Around the GarageBand Sidebar
      1. Pump up the Jam…
      2. New Project
      3. Learn to Play
      4. Lesson Store
      5. Magic GarageBand
      6. iPhone Ringtone
      7. Recent Projects
      8. Summary
    2. Chapter 17: Fiddlin' with the Functions Around the GarageBand Workspace
      1. Creating a New Piano Project
      2. Examining the GarageBand Workspace
      3. Summary
    3. Chapter 18: Help Composing Your Song with Notes on GarageBand Menus
      1. GarageBand Menu
      2. File Menu
      3. Edit Menu
      4. Track Menu
      5. Control Menu
      6. Share Menu
      7. Window Menu
      8. Help Menu
      9. Summary
  16. Part IX: iTunes
    1. Chapter 19: Navigating iTunes via Its Sidebar and Workspace Views
      1. Getting to Know the Sidebar
      2. View Options of iTunes
      3. Summary
    2. Chapter 20: Getting Media into and out of iTunes
      1. Getting Media onto iTunes
      2. Getting Songs or CDs into iTunes
      3. Getting Media out of iTunes
      4. Summary Tab
      5. Info Tab
      6. Summary
    3. Chapter 21: iTunes—Everything about the Workspace Except the Kitchen “Sync”
      1. Reviewing the Top Workspace Toolbar
      2. Reviewing the Bottom Workspace Toolbar
      3. Summary
    4. Chapter 22: How to Become an Efficient Media Mogul by Using the iTunes Menus
      1. iTunes Menu
      2. File Menu
      3. Edit Menu
      4. View Menu
      5. Controls menu
      6. Store Menu
      7. Advanced Menu
      8. Window Menu
      9. Help Menu
      10. Summary
  17. Part X: Bonus Pack
    1. Appendix A: iLife on the iPad
      1. GarageBand
      2. My Song Screen
      3. Instruments Available to Play in GarageBand
      4. Smart Instruments
      5. iMovie
      6. Summary
    2. Appendix B: A Glimpse into iCloud
      1. Individual Services of iCloud
      2. Getting Purchased Media onto Another Device
      3. Summary
  18. Index