07Camelopardalis, The Giraffe

NAME: Camelopardalis (CAM-eh-low-PAR-duh-lis)

SEASON: Winter

CULMINATION: midnight, 23 December


GENITIVE: Camelopardalis (CAM-eh-low-PAR-duh-lis)

NEIGHBORS: Aur, Cas, Cep, Dra, Lyn, Per, UMa, UMi

BINOCULAR OBJECTS: Stock 23, Kemble 1, NGC 2403


Camelopardalis is a large, circumpolar constellation that covers an area of the sky that is devoid of bright stars. Camelopardalis ranks 18th in size among the 88 constellations, covering 757 square degrees of the celestial sphere, or about 1.8%. Despite its size, Camelopardalis is among the least prominent of the constellations. Its brightest star, 10-beta (β), is only magnitude 4.03, and the constellation contains only two other ...

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