36Perseus, The Hero

NAME: Perseus (PERS-ee-us)

SEASON: Autumn

CULMINATION: midnight, 7 November


GENITIVE: Persei (PERS-ee-ee)

NEIGHBORS: Aql, Her, Lib, Sco, Ser, Sgr

BINOCULAR OBJECTS: And, Ari, Aur, Cam, Cas, Tau, Tri

URBAN OBJECTS: NGC 869/884 (Double Cluster), Tr 2, NGC 1039 (M 34), Mel 20, NGC 1342

Perseus is a mid-size northerly constellation that ranks 24th in size among the 88 constellations. Perseus covers 615 square degrees of the celestial sphere, or about 1.5%. Perseus is a moderately bright constellation, containing eight stars brighter than fourth magnitude. Perseus is easily located, lying among the prominent constellations Auriga to the east, Andromeda to the west, Cassiopeia to the northwest, and Taurus to ...

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