38Puppis, The Poop Deck

NAME: Puppis (PUPP-is)

SEASON: Winter

CULMINATION: midnight, 9 January


GENITIVE: Puppis (PUPP-is)

NEIGHBORS: Car, CMa, Col, Hya, Mon, Pic, Pyx, Vel

BINOCULAR OBJECTS: NGC 2422 (M 47), NGC 2437 (M 46), NGC 2447 (M 93), NGC 2527, NGC 2539, NGC 2571


Puppis is a large, relatively dim south-equatorial constellation that ranks 20th in size among the 88 constellations. Puppis covers 673 square degrees of the celestial sphere, or about 1.6%. The most prominent stars in Puppis, ζ (zeta) Puppis (magnitude 2.2), π (pi) Puppis (magnitude 2.7), and 15-ϱ (rho) Puppis (magnitude 2.8), form a prominent 16° isosceles triangle that lies southeast of Sirius in Canis Major. 15-ϱ is the northern ...

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