Chapter 23. Lab IV-6 Revealing Latent Fingerprints On Brass Cartridge Cases

Equipment and Materials

You’ll need the following items to complete this lab session. (The standard kit for this book, available from, includes the items listed in the first group.)

Materials from Kit

  • Goggles

  • Beaker, 100 mL

  • Cartridge case, brass, fired

  • Centrifuge tube, 1.5 mL

  • Forceps

  • Graduated cylinder, 100 mL

  • Magnifier

  • Stirring rod

Materials you Provide

  • Gloves

  • Camera (optional)

  • Paper towels

  • Hydrogen peroxide, 3%

  • Vinegar, distilled white

  • Specimens: uncoated brass (optional)


None of the materials used in this lab session present any serious hazard. The 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is irritating and may bleach clothing or other items. As a matter of ...

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