Chapter BC-1. Taking Images Out of the Realm of Reality

In This Chapter

  • Applying unusual distortions to artwork

  • Using the Liquify tools

  • Enveloping with ease

As you can read in Chapter 12, transformations — those critters that scale and rotate — can truly transmogrify your art. In this chapter, I venture into a universe where things are just a wee bit off kilter. Okay, to be honest, things are way strange. But cool!

Hang with me while I traverse the more esoteric world of distortions and oozing liquidations. Be prepared to pucker up — and try not to become too bloated along the way.

Applying Distortion Effects

In this section, I cover the tried-and-true distortions that are part of the Illustrator Effect menu. Be wary of these effects, as they're essentially the fun house mirror of Illustrator that can turn a lovely scene you've painstakingly drawn into a twisted, bizzaro alien landscape. Of course, maybe that's what you're going for . . .

Pucker & Bloat

No, this isn't what happens after overdosing on lemonade during a heat wave. The Pucker & Bloat effect (formerly called Punk & Bloat), accessed by choosing Effect

Pucker & Bloat
Pucker & Bloat. Can you guess which is which?

Figure BC1-1. Pucker & Bloat. Can you guess which is which?


The Pucker & Bloat effect is related to the number of points on a path. The more points, the more pucker spikes and bloat ...

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