Appendix A. Shortcuts in Illustrator CS5


  • Learning commands for almost every situation

  • Using functions

  • Saving time with shortcuts

Illustrator has more keyboard commands, functions, and shortcuts than ever before. The tables in this appendix give you a quick reference to the commands, functions, and shortcuts for both Windows and Mac.


Mac users should check to make sure that their function keys aren't assigned to complete any system tasks. In the Mac's Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences pane's Keyboard Shortcuts tab, you can assign or reassign keyboard shortcuts that are in conflict.

There are a few keyboard commands that don't ship with Illustrator that I always add in order to enhance my workflow...typically things I do a lot, like placing files or adding drop shadows to objects. Most of these remove commands from other areas that I don't care about too much:

  • File

    Shortcuts in Illustrator CS5
  • Object

    Shortcuts in Illustrator CS5
  • Type

    Shortcuts in Illustrator CS5
  • Select

    Shortcuts in Illustrator CS5
  • Effect

    Shortcuts in Illustrator CS5


Menu commands that have changed or been added in CS5 are indicated with a * in ...

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