Chapter 9. Working with Type


  • Understanding bitmap, PostScript, TrueType, OpenType, and Multiple Master fonts

  • Using the Character panel

  • Working with the Paragraph panel

  • Using area type

  • Working with type on a path

  • Adding type with the Type tool

  • Selecting and editing type

  • Threading and unthreading text blocks

  • Wrapping and creating headlines

  • Outlining type

  • Advanced type functions

  • Customizing fonts

Fonts are a big deal to Illustrator users. For the seasoned graphic artist, the thousands of typefaces that are available provide a typesetting heaven on Earth. For a newcomer to Illustrator and typesetting, fonts can be overwhelming. Illustrator ships with about 300 Adobe PostScript Type 1 fonts; other fonts are available for purchase at costs that range from about $2 per face to hundreds of dollars for a family. (A font face is a single variation, while a font family typically includes quite a few variations.)

This chapter covers creating type with various type tools, all the different formatting available, and cool things to do with type on a path and outlined type.

Understanding Fonts

Fonts come in various formats, with each format having advantages and disadvantages over other formats. Fonts fall into the following categories: bitmap fonts, PostScript fonts (Type 1), TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts, and Multiple Master fonts.

Understanding bitmap fonts

Bitmap fonts are the original fonts used for computers. They consist of a series of dots inside a grid pattern and worked well both on-screen ...

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