I'm Not Afraid of GDPI, 2nd Edition

Book description

In today's cut throat competitive world, an enhanced personality, excellent communication and GDPI skills are essential facets of job seeking candidates to land the best jobs. I'm Not Afraid of GDPI, 2e comprehensively deals with every aspect of the hiring process and personal grooming required to be successful. Divided in two parts, part one guides the reader through the entire ion sequence starting with strong pre-preparation to group discussions and through to the final interview. Part two helps in laying a solid foundation for an attractive personality which will be yours for life, right from a confident mindset to a winning attitude, polished body-language to acquiring 'officer-like qualities'.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Preface
  5. About the Author
  6. Part 1 Acing the Selection Procedures
    1. 1. Let’s Begin
      1. But, what is personality?
      2. The other challenges
      3. Understanding life skills
      4. How to create magic in your life
      5. Faith in self
      6. How to get the maximum from this book
    2. 2. Pre-Preparation
      1. Changing your mindset
      2. Enhancing English and improving General Knowledge as a bonus!
      3. A Note on ‘Indianisms’ in English language
      4. Improving your speech
      5. Comprehension skills
      6. Improving your trade knowledge
      7. Typing skills
      8. Understanding your own priorities
      9. Selecting and applying to companies
      10. Reading up on the companies applied to
      11. Preparing the portfolio
    3. 3. Writing a Powerful Biodata
      1. Understanding the Document
      2. Structure of a biodata
      3. Personal details
      4. Photograph
      5. Career objective
      6. Professional section
      7. Work experience
      8. Industrial training experience
      9. Educational qualifications
      10. Achievements
      11. Extra-curricular activities
      12. Hobbies and interests
      13. Languages known
      14. Formatting
      15. Common mistakes made
      16. A note on applications and covering letters
      17. For young professionals who are changing jobs
      18. Sending biodata via email
      19. Examples of bad and good biodata
    4. 4. Grooming For The Big Day
      1. Personal Hygiene
      2. Clothing and attire
      3. The Briefcase and the Portfolio
    5. 5. Group Discussions
      1. Types of group discussions
      2. Various roles in a GD and how to perform them
      3. Understanding the GD topic
      4. Types of GD topics and how to handle them
      5. A note on jargon and details
      6. How selectors evaluate you
      7. Practical application of all this knowledge
      8. Some additional dos and don’ts of group discussions
      9. When you don’t know anything about the topic
      10. After the discussion
      11. Practice group discussion topics
    6. 6. Interviews
      1. Types of interviews
      2. One on one
      3. Panel interview
      4. Telephonic interview
      5. Meal time interview
      6. Stress interview
      7. Internet interviews
      8. Practice interviews
      9. Entering the interview room and settling
      10. During the interview
      11. At the end of the interview
      12. The Questions
      13. Some more questions
      14. New, Emerging trends in job interviews
    7. 7. Feedback
      1. Getting the feedback
      2. Exit interviews
  7. Part 2 Personality Development
    1. 8. Understanding and Cultivating a Polished Personality for success
      1. Clarity of vision and goals
      2. Establishing priorities
      3. Time management
      4. Stress management and work-life balance
      5. Constantly upgrading yourself
      6. Emotional stability
      7. Health
      8. A Myth buster
    2. 9. Manners, Etiquettes and OLQ’s
      1. Pointers for candidates going through a job selection procedure
      2. Pointers of general behavior for young professionals
      3. Etiquettes for formal situations
      4. Dining etiquettes
      5. Telephone etiquettes
      6. Officer like qualities
      7. Political correctness
      8. A note on people skills
    3. 10. Body Language
      1. Understanding body language
      2. How body language helps
      3. Head movement
      4. Our windows – the eyes
      5. Using your hands
      6. The restless legs
      7. The magic of a smile
      8. The hows of handshakes
      9. Etiquettes of shaking hands
      10. Types of handshakes
      11. Body language simplified for the interview
    4. 11. Good Communication Made Easy
      1. Types of communication
      2. Difference between written and spoken language
      3. Written (verbal) communication
      4. Spoken (verbal) communication
      5. Understanding good speech
      6. The elements of communication
      7. Putting the ‘knowing’ to work
      8. Effective listening
      9. Effective listening made easy
      10. Aides to effective listening
  8. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: I'm Not Afraid of GDPI, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Tuhina Anukul Varshney
  • Release date: January 2016
  • Publisher(s): Pearson Education India
  • ISBN: 9789332578890