Chapter 4

Opening and Closing and Clicking and Such

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing the highlights of the Finder

arrow Discussing that missing button on your pointing device

arrow Launching and quitting applications

arrow Identifying and selecting icons

arrow Using keyboard shortcuts to speed things up

arrow Managing windows in Lion

Ah, the Finder — many admire its scenic beauty, but don’t ignore its unsurpassed power nor its many moods. And send a postcard while you’re there.

Okay, so Lion’s Finder might not be quite as majestic as the mighty Mississippi River, but it’s the basic toolbox that you use every single day while piloting your iMac. The Finder includes the most common elements of Mac OS X: window controls, common menu commands, icon fun (everything from launching applications to copying files), network connections, keyboard shortcuts, and even emptying the Trash. In fact, one could say that if you master ...

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