Chapter 7

Searching amidst iMac Chaos

In This Chapter

arrow Mastering basic Spotlight searching skills

arrow Selecting text and keywords for best results

arrow Displaying results in the Spotlight window

arrow Customizing Spotlight settings in System Preferences

What would you say if I told you that you could search your entire system for virtually every piece of data connected with a person — and in only the short time it takes to type that person’s name? And I’m not just talking about files and folders that might include that person’s name. I mean every e-mail message and every iCal calendar or event that references that person — and even that person’s Address Book card, to boot? Heck, how about if that search could dig up every occurrence of the person’s name inside PDF documents? What if it could even search folders shared on other Macs across your network?

You’d probably say, “That makes for good future tech — I’ll bet I can do that in five or ten years. It’ll take Apple at least that long to do it . . . and just in time for me to buy a new iMac! (Harrumph.)”

Don’t be so hasty: You can do all this right ...

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