Chapter 10

Hooking Up with Handy Helpers

In This Chapter

arrow Adding a printer or a scanner to your system

arrow Using Photo Booth

arrow Connecting with friends and family using FaceTime

arrow Watching digital TV on your iMac

This chapter is all about getting interesting things into — and out of — your iMac. Some of the devices I mention are common (almost mundane these days) and pretty easy to take care of, such as scanners and printers. Then I might surprise you with something new to you, like your iMac’s built-in FaceTime HD video camera.

I also show you how to turn your iMac into a photo booth. Heck, I even describe how you can pull that fancy satellite or cable TV signal into your iMac.

It’s perfectly okay to tell everyone else that you’re watching the financial channel. But watching a little football never hurt anyone. . . .

Connecting Printers

All hail the USB port! It’s the primary connection point for all sorts of goodies. In this section, I concentrate on adding a local USB printer and the basics of adding a network printer to your system. (Find more on connecting a wireless Bluetooth printer ...

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