Chapter 14

iDVD — Your DVD Movie Factory

In This Chapter

arrow Traversing the iDVD window

arrow Starting a new iDVD project

arrow Tweaking and adjusting your DVD Menu

arrow Previewing your (nearly) finished DVD

arrow Doing things automatically with OneStep DVD and Magic iDVD

arrow Burning a DVD for your friends and family

How does the old adage go? Oh, yes, it’s like this:

Any DVD movie must be a pain to create. You’ll need a ton of money for software, too. And you’ll have to take hours of training that will cause your brain to explode.

Funny thing is, DVD authoring — designing and creating a DVD movie — really was like that for many years. Only video professionals could afford the software and tackle the training needed to master all the intricacies of DVD Menu design.

Take one guess as to the company that changed all that. (No, it wasn’t Coca-Cola.) Apple’s introduction of iDVD was (quite literally) a revolution in ...

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