Chapter 16

Creating a Website with iWeb

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing the iWeb window

arrow Planning your site

arrow Adding a new site and pages

arrow Editing pages

arrow Setting site and page attributes with the Inspector

arrow Publishing sites to the Internet

I keep telling everyone who’ll listen: The web is simple. Or at least it should be.

Kids in preschool these days know how to use a browser. Millions of people contribute to Facebook pages, help to create the dynamic reference wonder that is Wikipedia, and correspond effortlessly through web-based e-mail. Yet there’s one untamed wilderness that many iMac owners haven’t explored — or even set foot in! That’s the jungle of HTML, the language used to create web pages. Today’s advanced web page design is complex, and it’s not particularly fun, either. Have you thrown up your hands and declared, “I guess I’ll never get my own website on the Internet”?

Forget your ...

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