Chapter 22

It Just . . . Sits . . . There

In This Chapter

arrow Avoiding the blame (righteously)

arrow Putting basic troubleshooting precepts to work

arrow Using Mark’s Troubleshooting Tree

arrow Getting help

I wish you weren’t reading this chapter.

Because you are, I can only surmise that you’re having trouble with your iMac, and that it needs fixing. (The other possibility — that you just like reading about solving computer problems — is more attractive, but much more problematic.)

Consider this chapter a crash course in the logical puzzle that is computer troubleshooting: namely, the art of finding out What Needs Fixing. You also see what you can do when you just plain can’t fix the problem by yourself.

Oh, and you’re going to encounter a lot of Tips and Mark’s Maxims in this chapter — all of them learned the hard way, so I recommend committing them to memory on the spot!

Can You Troubleshoot? Yes, You Can!

Anyone can troubleshoot. Put these common troubleshooting myths to rest:

check.png It takes a college degree ...

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