Madhuri A. Joshi, Ph.D., is professor of electronics at the College of
Engineering, Pune. She has more than 38 years of teaching experience. Dr.
Joshi has been a commonwealth scholar for research at the Manchester
Institute of Science and Technology, Manchester; and the recipient of the fol-
lowing: Best Teacher Award 2010–2011 from the Maharashtra Government,
India; IETE–Professor S.V.C. Aiya Memorial Gold Medal (2011) for excellence
in research; and the Award for Excellence in Telecom Education (2011). She has
authored three books, Electronic Components and Materials (Shroff Publishers,
2004), Digital Image Processing, an Algorithmic Approach (PHI Learning Pvt.
Ltd., 2006), and Introduction to Embedded System Design (Indian Society for
Technical Education, 2010). In addition, she has written 137 papers including
75 at the international level.
Mehul S. Raval, Ph.D. (electronics and telecommunication engineering), is
an associate professor at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET),
Ahmedabad University, with a research interest in image and signal pro-
cessing. He has more than 17 years of teaching and research experience.
Dr. Raval is the recipient of the Best Engineering College Teacher Award for
the State of Gujarat from the Indian Society for Technical Education and a
Young Scientist Fellowship from the Government of Gujarat in 2005. He is
a senior member of IEEE and has published extensively in peer-reviewed
journals and conferences. Currently, Dr. Raval serves as the vice chair for the
IEEE Gujarat Section.
Yogesh H. Dandawate, Ph.D. (electronics and telecommunication engi-
neering), received a bachelor of engineering from the University of Pune
(India) in 1991, a masters of engineering from Gulbarga University (India)
in 1998, and a Ph.D. in electronics and telecommunications engineering
from the University of Pune (India) in 2009. Presently, he is a professor in
the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at
Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune. Dr. Dandawate
has 22 years of teaching experience and has published more than 43 papers
in reputed national and international conferences and referred journals. His
areas of interest include signal and image processing, embedded systems,
and soft computing. He is senior member of the IEEE, and a fellow member
of IETE, India.
Kalyani R. Joshi, Ph.D., is principal and professor of electronics and tele-
communications at P.E.S. Modern College of Engineering, Pune. She has
xvi Authors
more than 24 years of teaching experience. Dr. Joshi has authored 27 papers,
including 11 at the international level.
Shilpa Prabhakar Metkar, Ph.D., is an assistant professor with the
Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Department, College
of Engineering, Pune (an autonomous institute of the Government of
Maharashta). She is the recipient of the gold medal in third year, and third
university ranker in nal year of engineering. Dr. Metkar has 10 years of
teaching experience. She is a recipient of the prestigious Career Award for
Young Teachers (2013) and the All India Council of Technical Education
and the Institution of EngineersYoung Engineers Award (2013–2014). Dr.
Metkar has published six papers in national conferences, fourteen papers in
international conferences, and four papers in international journals.

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