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Immutable Infrastructure

Book Description

Immutable infrastructure, a deployment and operations strategy inspired by the programming concept of immutability, is more than just another technology option. It also provides a completely different way of thinking about application and service delivery. In this report, Josh Stella, co-founder and CEO of Fugue, explains that embracing immutability means giving up the data center mindset, which focuses on individual machine uptime and maintenance, for a more flexible approach using API-driven infrastructure-as-code.

Stella describes the advantages of working with immutable infrastructure—particularly automated instance replacement and autoscaling—and provides a look at current implementations in the marketplace. You’ll also learn best practices for integrating immutable patterns into your workflow.

  • Learn how immutable infrastructure treats all aspects of your system as quanta that can be built, replaced, and destroyed
  • Understand why traditional data center management techniques struggle in distributed, scaled environments
  • Explore current use cases for implementing immutable patterns through customized toolchains
  • Learn fundamental patterns and practices for achieving immutability with cloud resources
  • Examine a unified approach to immutability with the Fugue operating system

Josha Stella is co-founder and CEO of Fugue, the company that’s creating an operating system for the cloud. Before Fugue, Josh was a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, served as a CTO for a startup, and held several other technical and leadership roles over the past 25 years.