iMovie '09 & iDVD Portable Genius shows you how to get up to speed with iMovie in the shortest possible time and get as much out of the application as you can. Here is a broad-strokes outline of what you can do with this book:

  • Find out about the new features. iMovie '09 gives you great new features such as the Precision Editor for fine-tuning transitions; video stabilization for removing shake from clips; new effects such as cutaways, picture-in-picture effects, and green-screen superimposition; plus a wider selection of titles, transitions, and effects.

  • Pull together a high-quality movie within minutes. Roaring up to speed with iMovie, you'll learn how to import video clips from a wide variety of DV camcorders and other sources, choose the footage you want, and then turn it into a movie complete with transitions, titles, and a soundtrack. When you need to put together a high-quality movie in short order, this is the way to go.

  • Bring in video from every source you have. iMovie makes it easy to import video from most current DV camcorders, either using FireWire (for tape camcorders) or USB (for flash or hard-disk camcorders). But if Mac OS X identifies your camcorder as a digital camera, you may need to import movies using iPhoto rather than iMovie. Most likely, you will also need to import existing video files to use in your movies or bring your iMovie HD projects into iMovie ...

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