DVD Slideshows

The DVD may be the world’s best delivery mechanism for digital photos. Your friends sit there on the couch. They click the remote control to walk through your photos (or, if you choose, they let the slideshow advance automatically). Instead of passing around a tiny pile of fragile 4 x 6 prints, your audience gets to watch the photos at TV-screen size—accompanied by a musical soundtrack of your choice.

If you’ve installed movies into an iDVD menu screen, installing photos will seem like a piece of cake. Once again, you can do so using several different methods, each with its own advantages:

  • iPhoto albums. Click Media, then click Photos. iDVD presents your entire iPhoto picture collection, complete with the albums you’ve used to organize them.

    The great thing about this system is that iPhoto albums contain well-defined image progressions. That is, you presumably dragged the photos into an emotionally satisfying sequence. That’s exactly how iDVD will present the pictures—as they appear in the album, from the first image to the last.

  • Folder drag and drop. If the pictures you want to add aren’t in iPhoto, you can also drag a folder full of them right off the desktop (or a Finder folder) and onto an iDVD menu screen. iDVD creates a slideshow from the images, all right, but puts them into an unpredictable sequence.

  • Slideshow Editor. iDVD comes with a special window called the Slideshow Editor, in which you can add individual photos to the slideshow and drag them into any ...

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