Prologue: Philosophy of the Imperfect Practitioner

This book is about good practice as much as it is about C++ language techniques. It is not just about what is effective or technically correct in a specific situation, but what is safer or more practical in the long run. The message of the book is fourfold:

  • Tenet #1—. C++ is great, but not perfect.

  • Tenet #2—. Wear a hairshirt.

  • Tenet #3—. Make the compiler your batman.

  • Tenet #4—. Never give up: there's always a solution.

Together, these make up what I like to call the Philosophy of the Imperfect Practitioner.

C++ Is Not Perfect

I was taught very early, by a mother embarrassed by the overweening confidence of her youngest offspring, that if you're going to trumpet the good things to people, you'd also ...

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