Chapter 7. Testing with Rational Quality Manager 249
8. Include the test scripts as shown in Figure 7-15.
Figure 7-15 Linking test scripts with test cases
7.2.3 Creating test suites
Test suites are used to group a collection of test cases for test execution purposes. You can
associate new or existing test cases with the test suite.
Creating a test suite is very similar to creating a test case except that when adding test cases
you can specify whether you want to run the test cases in sequence or in parallel, which is
useful for test cases that contain automated scripts.
1. In the main menu, click Construction Create Test Suite.
2. At the top of the new test suite window, enter a name for the new test suite.
3. If required, select a team area from the list.
4. Select a test suite template from the list, followed by an owner and a priority for your test
5. Type a description and complete the test suite Summary section.
6. Click Manage Sections to add your own, customized test case sections or to remove
unneeded sections.
7. Click Save when done.

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