Chapter 16: Mock Exam 1


  1. Which of the following network protocols are implemented in all modern-day devices?

    A. OSI Model

    B. TCP/IP

    C. AppleTalk

    D. IPX

  2. Which technology would you use to extend a branch office network to another location many miles away?

    A. Switch

    B. WLAN

    C. Router

    D. WAN

  3. On which layer of TCP/IP does a segment exist?

    A. Transport

    B. Data Link

    C. Application

    D. Network

  4. Which layer of TCP/IP is responsible for data formatting?

    A. Application

    B. Presentation

    C. Transport

    D. Network

  5. Where is the operating system located on a Cisco router?

    A. NVRAM

    B. HDD

    C. Flash

    D. SSD

  6. What is the default method to access a new Cisco switch?

    A. VTY

    B. Console

    C. AUX

    D. Management IP address

  7. An IPv4 address is made up of how many bits?

    A. 28

    B. 30

    C. 48

    D. 32

  8. You ...

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