Chapter 17: Mock Exam 2


  1. A packet contains which of the following in its header?

    A. IP address

    B. MAC address

    C. Port numbers

    D. CRC

  2. A switch uses which of the following to make its forwarding decision?

    A. Source IP address

    B. Destination MAC address

    C. Source MAC address

    D. Destination MAC address

  3. Which transport layer protocol does not provide any reassurance of a message being sent between a source and destination?

    A. TCP

    B. IP

    C. ICMP

    D. UDP

  4. What is the size of a MAC address?

    A. 128 bits

    B. 40 bits

    C. 48 bits

    D. 32 bits

  5. A network engineer wants to verify the MAC address on a Windows computer. Which command can the network engineer use to obtain such information?

    A. ipconfig

    B. ipconfig /all

    C. ifconfig

    D. netstat

  6. When a switch learns about a MAC address, ...

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