Appendix D: %run_p21v SAS macro

In this appendix, we present the %run_p21v SAS macro that is used in Chapter 9 to validate our CDISC implementations using Pinnacle 21 software in batch mode. The program is annotated with numbered bullets for additional commentary that appears at the end of this appendix.

%run_p21v SAS Macro


* Run the Pinnacle 21 Community Validator in batch mode                   ;

*  TYPE= The standard being validated (SDTM, ADaM, Define, SEND, or

*   Custom)

*  SOURCES= Path of the directory that contains the SAS datasets or

*   define file

*  P21Path= Path of the local OpenCDISC Validator installation

*  ValidatorJAR= Subdirectory and name of the JAR ...

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