Chapter 2. Speaking NetBIOS


Genuine Imitation

 --Well known oxymoron

The hardware part of IBM’s PC Network is no longer in use and the protocol that actually ran on the wire is all but forgotten, yet the NetBIOS API remains. Vast sweeping hoards of programs — including DOS itself — were written to use NetBIOS. Like COBOL, it may never die.

Many vendors, eager for a piece of the Microsoft desktop pie, figured out how to implement the NetBIOS API on top of other protocols. There is NetBIOS over DECnet, NetBIOS over NetWare, NetBIOS over mashed potatoes and gravy with creamed corn, NetBIOS over SNA, NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and more. Of these, the most popular, tasty, and important is NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and that’s what this chapter is really all about. ...

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