Chapter 22. The Talk on the Street


You are a cornflakes-vert.

 --Something my friend Kathy said to me in High School (and I still don’t get it)

Enough descriptive hyperbole. Let’s get to work.

SMBtrans is an SMB message with the SMB_COM_TRANSACTION command byte specified in the header. It is also the transport for all Browse Service messages. The on-the-wire layout of the body of the SMBtrans, in C-style notation, is as follows:

 typedef struct { uchar WordCount; /* SetupCount + 14 */ struct /* SMB-layer parameters */ { ushort TotalParamCount; /* Total param bytes to send */ ushort TotalDataCount; /* Total data bytes to send */ ushort MaxParameterCount; /* Max param bytes to return */ ushort MaxDataCount; /* Max data bytes to return */ ushort MaxSetupCount; ...

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