The Entities DSL with Xbase

We will ow implement a modified version of the Entities DSL we implemented in Chapter 2, Creating Your First Xtext Language using Xbase. This will allow us to implement a more involved DSL where, inside entities, we can also write operations apart from attributes (this is inspired by the Xtext Domain-Model example).

Creating the project

As usual we create the Xtext project by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to File | New | Project..., in the dialog go to the Xtext category and select Xtext Project.
  2. In the next dialog you should specify the following names:
    • Project name: org.example.xbase.entities
    • Name: org.example.xbase.entities.Entities
    • Extensions: xentities
    • Uncheck the option Create SDK feature project

The wizard ...

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