Implementing E-Learning

Book description

The seventh book in ASTD's E-Learning Series will help you build a powerful implementation and marketing strategy for your e-learning program. This book will show you how to think like a marketing and change management professional by generating awareness for your e-learning brand; position well designed e-learning for maximum effect; develop and implement an effective two-way communication plan; and get your organization ready to accept e-learning. This book is a guide that will enable you to successfully implement e-learning by applying proven techniques from change management and consumer marketing with the ultimate goal of real business results for your organization.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
    1. Ensuring Your Return on Your E-Learning Investment
    2. Marketing Your E-Learning
    3. Preparing Your Organization for E-Learning
    4. Why the Failures?
    5. Acknowledgments
  3. New Rule, Old Rules, What Rules to Apply
    1. “If You Build It . . .”
    2. Spending Does Not Equal Learning
    3. Strategy Is the Key to Success
    4. The Finishing Touch for Your E-Learning
    5. The Companion Website
    6. Your Turn
  4. Understanding Change and Marketing Fundamentals
    1. Fundamentals of Making Business Decisions
    2. Fundamentals of Change Management
    3. Fundamentals of Consumer Marketing
    4. Your Turn
  5. Preparing for Successful Implementation
    1. Organizations Are Systems
    2. The Systems Approach for Implementing E-Learning
    3. Culture Always Wins
    4. Ready, Set, Go!
    5. Leaders Come in All Shapes and Sizes
    6. Losing Faith in E-Learning
    7. On Your Way to Success
    8. Your Turn
  6. Really Communicate
    1. Vision
    2. Mission
    3. Project Identity
    4. Change Communication Plan
    5. Guiding Principles
    6. Determining What to Communicate
    7. Your Turn
  7. Analyzing the Environment of the Marketplace
    1. Research Methods
    2. Elements of Your Market Research
    3. Assembling Your Findings
    4. Your Turn
  8. Applying Marketing Design
    1. The Design Discipline
    2. The Elements of Marketing Design
    3. Put It All Together
    4. Your Turn
  9. Launching Your E-Learning Marketing and Implementation Plan
    1. Customer Wants and Needs and Motivation
    2. Remove the Obstacles to Learning
    3. Getting Learners to Remember
    4. Thinking for the Longer Term
    5. Promotion
    6. Communicating Your Message
    7. Job Aids
    8. Tips
    9. Measuring Success
    10. Your Turn
  10. Practical Advice for the E-Learning Marketer
    1. Writing Effective Advertising Copy
    2. How to Ignite Buzz
    3. Create Direct Mail and Email
    4. How to Sell E-Learning
    5. Your Turn
  11. Sustaining Your Marketing and Implementation Efforts
    1. Keeping Your E-Learning Customers
    2. How Happy Are Your E-Learning Customers?
    3. Making Learning Fun
    4. Respect the Learner
    5. Celebrating Your E-Learning Success
    6. Let the Learners Participate
    7. Maintaining Your E-learning Edge
    8. Building a Learning Community
    9. Making E-learning Part of Your Culture
    10. Continue to Communicate
    11. Pull the Right Levers
    12. Your Turn
  12. Taking Action
    1. A Place in History
    2. Your E-Learning Implementation Source Document
    3. Refining Your Action Plan
    4. Presenting Your Action Plan
    5. Just Do It!
    6. Your Turn
  13. Glossary
    1. Marketing Concepts
    2. Change Management Concepts
  14. References
  15. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: Implementing E-Learning
  • Author(s): Jay Cross, Lance Dublin
  • Release date: October 2002
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 1562863339