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This IBM® Redbook introduces the reader to the world of EDI. In addition to general terms
about EDI, it also introduces a number of products in this area. WebSphere® Data
Interchange is discussed as the translation engine to map EDI documents to and from
documents in other formats. The redbook also introduces two communication products that
use Internet technologies: iSoft’s P2PAgent and Trading Partner Interchange.
In addition to product introductions, the redbook describes several implementation scenarios
in a multi-partner and multi-product environment. Besides a network where trading partners
only use iSoft’s P2PAgent, we also look at a setup where trading partners use a combination
of the two products.
For each communication product, we investigate several integration options with internal
applications and other middleware. We discuss the integration options with the translation
product WebSphere Data Interchange and with the process integration product WebSphere
BI Interchange Server. The integration technique can be file-based or messaging-based.
Finally, we take a look at options to combine the flexibility of the Internet with the reliability of
value-added networks. When Internet connectivity is temporarily not available, a trading
partner can use Expedite to dial into IBM’s network and send or receive EDI documents. By
exploiting the recycle mechanics in iSoft’s P2PAgent, we can implement a solution that
provides a highly available connection between trading partners.
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working at the
International Technical Support Organization, Raleigh Center. This redbook consists of
materials built by several teams and portions of it were published earlier as two Redpapers.
Geert Van de Putte is an IT Specialist at the International Technical Support Organization,
Raleigh Center. He is a subject matter expert in messaging and business integration and has
seven years of experience in the design and implementation of WebSphere MQ-based
application integration solutions. He has published several Redbooks™ about messaging
and business integration solutions. Geert has also taught several classes about messaging,
business integration and workflow. Before joining the ITSO, Geert worked at IBM Global
Services, Belgium where he designed and implemented EAI solutions for customers in many
industries. Geert holds a Master of Information Technology degree from the University of
Ghent in Belgium.
Krishna Bathini is a certified Senior EAI Consultant at Miracle Software Systems, Inc,
Detroit. He is an expert in system architecture, interface design and development using
CrossWorlds®, CrossWorldsTPI, WebSphere MQ, SAP and Java™. Krishna also worked on
WebSphere Data Interchange and iSoft’s P2PAgent. Krishna holds a Master of Engineering
degree from Andhra University of Visakhapatnam, India.
Kiran Chandu is a Senior EAI consultant and CrossWorlds Solutions Expert from Miracle
Software Systems, Inc, Detroit. He has three years of experience in the design and
implementation of EAI solutions and two years of experience in Web-based solutions. Kiran
holds a Master in Information Technology degree from India.

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