84 Implementing EDI Solutions
2.4.1 Creating business objects
The first step would be the creation of a business object matching the DTD that we used
before in WebSphere Data Interchange. You can use the Business Object Designer and
define the fields manually. However, for a more realistic DTD representing a purchase order,
there will be a lot more fields than what we used here. Defining the business object manually
would then become an error-prone operation.
The Interchange Server provides some tools to make the definition of a business object
easier. An optional installation component of the ICS is the XMLODA, XML Object Discovery
Agent. Launch the agent, from the ODA\XML directory. When it is started, you should see a
command windows as shown in Figure 2-13.
Figure 2-13 XML Object Discovery Agent is running
Launch now the Business Object Designer and select File -> New Using ODA from the
menu, as shown in Figure 2-14 on page 85.
Chapter 2. Implementing iSoft P2PAgent 85
Figure 2-14 Using the Business Object Designer
A new window will appear that will guide you through the definition process. Click the button
Find Agents to populate the right pane with available agents and select the XML ODA agent
out of the list. Select Next to continue (Figure 2-15 on page 86).
Note: The Visibroker component should be running to get this list of available agents.
86 Implementing EDI Solutions
Figure 2-15 Business Object wizard - Step 1
Most of the fields in step 2 are populated by default. Provide the following information:
򐂰 Name of the file that contains the DTD
򐂰 Root element
򐂰 Top Level element
򐂰 BOPrefix
and select Next to continue (Figure 2-16).
Figure 2-16 Business Object wizard - Step 2
Chapter 2. Implementing iSoft P2PAgent 87
The next step allows you to select other levels (or nodes) in the XML document for which you
would like to create a business object definition. You might for example require an object to
represent a single Detail element. For our purposes, this is not required. So, we select the top
one and click Next to continue (Figure 2-17).
Figure 2-17 Business Object wizard - Step 3
Step 4 summarizes your selections so far. At step 5, you need to select a verb with the
business objects. Figure 2-18 shows the selection of the Create verb. Select OK to continue.
Figure 2-18 Business Object wizard - Step 5

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