180 Implementing EDI Solutions
4.4.6 Binding the ports
Now that we have configured all the connectors that we want to use, we can go back to the
collaboration object and bind the ports to the connectors.
In the System Manager, double-click the collaboration object that we created previously (see
4.4.2, “Collaboration object definition and customization” on page 173). This will bring up the
graphical view of the collaboration. Right-click the From port and select Bind Port. A window
similar to Figure 4-13 will appear. For the From port, select the SAPConnector. Repeat this
process for the To port and the DestinationAppRetrieve port. The To port should be bound to
the TPIConnector and the DestinationAppRetrieve port should be bound to the
PortConnector. Binding to the PortConnector basically means that this port is not going to be
If the required connector does not appear in the list of possible connectors, you should review
the list of supported business objects for the missing connector and make sure that that list is
Figure 4-13 Binding the ports
The completed collaboration object is shown in Figure 4-14.
Figure 4-14 Collaboration object diagram

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