Chapter 4. UCCnet and item synchronization via iSoft and TPI 191
Figure 4-26 Supported business objects for the MQ connector
Save and close the MQ connector.
4.5.3 Creating maps
Open the System Manager, right-click the folder Maps and select New. Choose ItemBasic as
the source business object and UCCnet_MQenvelope as the destination business object.
Name the map MAP_CWItemBasic_to_UCCnet_MQenvelope.
Map the attributes as listed in the Table 4-6.
Table 4-6 Mapping statements for the map MAP_CWItemBasic_to_UCCnet_MQenvelope.
Select the tab Verbs for this map and set the value Create for the column Verb. Save and
compile the map. Re-open the connector MQSeriesConnector and select the tab Associated
Maps. This time, the new map should be listed for the business object ItemBasic. If it does
not show, select the check box Explicit Binding and choose the correct box in the drop-down
menu under the heading Associated Map.
Source Attribute Target Attribute Transformation rule
ItemId uniqueCreatorIdentification Move
Set value(Retailer1)
Set value(Supplier)
XMLDeclaration Set value(“xml version=\”1.0””)
DocType Set Value(“DOCTYPE
envelope SYSTEM

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