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Chapter 8. Advanced RealTime activities
This chapter describes the Advanced RealTime activities of virtual documents, virtual fields
and virtual agents, including the differences between virtual documents and virtual fields. It
provides examples of when to use virtual documents versus virtual fields and when to use a
combination of both activities. This chapter also discusses virtual attachments and virtual
agents and provides an example of how to utilize them.
This chapter does not discuss the Advanced RealTime feature of integrated credentials. For
more information about integrated credentials, refer to 2.2.2, “Integrated credentials” on
page 37.
In LEI 6.0.1 for iSeries, only connection to DB2 UDB external database is supported (see
Chapter 6, “Connection documents” on page 153 for all supported connections). Therefore,
all discussions and examples in this chapter focus on DB2 UDB.
Note: Before the running the examples in this chapter, be sure that you have the required
setup completed for the examples. Refer to Chapter 7, “Setting up the examples
environment” on page 183 for more details. Each example in this chapter informs you of
which databases are required.

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