Chapter 6. WebSphere MQ Monitoring 191
8. The channel will be started. Once the channel is started, the alert will
automatically close from the Enterprise Event Console.
IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere MQ Monitoring enables you to set a
wide range of monitoring options that can be changed to suit the needs of your
environment. For example, you can define which queue managers, queues, and
channels you want monitored; specify the time interval for collecting WebSphere
MQ data, manage the disposal of event messages from an event queue, or
specify whether or not you want to collect historical monitoring data and how long
you want to have that data available. You can use the Error Log monitoring
feature to view and monitor WebSphere MQ error log data retrieved from a
monitored queue manager (non-z/OS only). You can manage your WebSphere
MQ environment effectively by taking advantage of various WebSphere MQ
workspaces. The Take Action feature of CandleNet Portal lets you issue a
command to any system in your network where OMEGAMON MQ Monitoring
Agents are installed. You can implement commands from the Take Action view,
from a situation (when it becomes true), from the Navigator, or from a row in a
table view.
Note: Make sure that the cnp user ID that you are using to Take Action exists
on the monitored system and has the proper authorizations needed to issue
the MQ commands.
192 Implementing IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Business Integration V1.1

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