Chapter 8. WebSphere Interchange Server Monitoring 257
򐂰 Detect outages and performance degradations and take automated recovery
򐂰 Support the evolution of applications and processes in your environment
򐂰 Analyze historical trends
8.1.3 How does OMEGAMON XE for WICS work?
Typically, OMEGAMON XE products use an agent on each managed system to
collect monitored data. OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere InterChange Server,
however, uses only one agent, which collects data from the WebSphere
InterChange Server SNMP Agent and from its own data sources on the host of
each monitored WebSphere InterChange Server instance. It presents the data in
charts and tables that you can examine to monitor the performance of your
WebSphere InterChange Server integration systems. The agent also evaluates
the data to detect when specified values meet criteria you have defined, and
triggers alerts or programmed actions in response.
The WebSphere InterChange Server Monitoring Agent acts as an SNMP
Manager, collecting data from WebSphere InterChange Server SNMP Agents.
The monitoring agent also collects server log data from client programs, known
as WebSphere InterChange Server data sources, which are installed on the
hosts of monitored servers. Figure 8-1 on page 258 shows the product
components and how data are transmitted among them.

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