40 Implementing InfiniBand on IBM System p
3.5 Supported System p servers
Using InfiniBand technology on System p requires selected machines. Only GX
adapters are supported. Refer to Table 3-5 for a overview of machines supported
with InfiniBand adapters.
Table 3-5 supported System p and IB adapter feature codes (FC)
The GX adapters offer higher bandwidth than PCI adapters. They plug directly
into the GX bus, which is only available on selected System p5 models. The GX
bus is directly connected to the system backplane (together with the processors
and the memory. This bus is also used for RIO-2 connectivity to connect
expansion I/O drawers (that also contains PCI slots). The GX slots are used for
the 4x and 12x InfiniBand adapters.
In order to get the GX bus activated on System p systems 9113-550 and
9117-570, a second processor card must be installed. It is not mandatory to have
all processors activated (processors installed as CUoD is OK); the only
requirement is to have them physically installed into the CEC.
Currently, only the 9119-590/595 offers support for the IBM GX Dual-port 12x IB
HCA adapter, which uses different cables than the 4x adapters used to connect
to the InfiniBand switch.
For the latest information, check the manual System p and eServer pSeries:
Clustering systems using InfiniBand hardware, which can be retrieved online at:
Machine type Speed Adapter feature
code (FC)
Maximum number of
adapters per system
9131-52A 4x 1812 1
4x 1809
9133-55A 1
4x 1810
9117-570 1
9118-575 4x 1811 1
12x 7820
9119-595 4

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