Chapter 7. Best practices 243
Example 7-7 /data/script/hosts
#hostname ip address
lib01 161
lib02 162
lib03 163
lib04 164
7.3 PowerPC productivity tools for SLES
IBM System p servers have some features that are not available on other
platforms supported by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). Therefore
software support for these features is not integrated in SLES. IBM provides some
RPM packages collectively called
Service and productivity tools for Linux on
POWER systems
to make full use of the System p hardware.
In addition, they provide some tools for service and support to list and collect
system specific information and error reports. For descriptions, current versions,
and downloads, go to:
Some of these tools are necessary for running InfiniBand on SLES. For a list of
some useful optional tools, see Table 7-1.
For users who are familiar with the IBM AIX operating system, most of these
commands are well known.
Table 7-1 Productivity tools
Command RPM package Purpose
bootlist powerpc-utils The bootlist command sets the boot device for next system boot.
Unlike fdisk, this command knows about AIX hdisks.
invscout IBMinvscout The Inventory Scout tool surveys one or more systems for hardware
and software information. The gathered data can be used by Web
services such as the Microcode Discovery Service, which generates a
report indicating if installed microcode needs to be updated.
lscfg lsvpd lscfg lists hardware configuration information for the system and its
lsmcode lsvpd lsmcode lists hardware microcode and firmware levels.
lsvio lsvpd lsvio lists virtual I/O adapters and devices.
244 Implementing InfiniBand on IBM System p
See Example 7-8 for a useful output of the lscfg command from the productivity
Example 7-8 lscfg command output
lib01:~ # lscfg
The following resources are installed on the machine.
+/- = Added or deleted from Resource List.
* = Diagnostic support not available.
Model Architecture: chrp
Model Implementation: Multiple Processor, PCI Bus
ofpathname powerpc-utils ofpathname provides the ability to translate logical device names to
their Open Firmware device path names for PowerPC-64 systems. It
can also translate an Open Firmware device path to its logical device
servicelog The log_repair_action command creates an entry in the error log to
indicate that the device at the specified location code has been
repaired. When viewing a list of platform errors, all errors on the device
at the specified location code prior to the specified date will be
considered closed (fixed).
servicelog servicelog The servicelog command queries and displays the contents of the
system servicelog. Events may be queries by their unique ID in the
servicelog, or by some combination of parameters of the logged
events, as specified by the command-line options.
uesensor powerpc-utils-p
The uesensor utility is used to view the state of environmental sensors
on PowerPC-64 machines.
rtas_errd diagela The Error Log Analysis tool provides automatic analysis and
notification of errors reported by the platform firmware on IBM eServer
pSeries systems. Errors written to /var/log/platform are analyzed. If a
corrective action is required, notification is sent to the Service Focal
Point on the Hardware Management Console (HMC), if so equipped,
or to users subscribed for notification through the file
/etc/diagela/mail_list. The Serviceable Event sent to the Service Focal
Point and listed in the e-mail notification may contain a Service
Request Number.
snap powerpc-utils The snap script copies several system status and config files and the
output of several commands from the system. System servicers may
ask that this be run in order collect data to diagnose a problem.
Command RPM package Purpose
Chapter 7. Best practices 245
+ sys0 System Object
+ sysplanar0 System Planar
+ pci0 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1 PCI Bus
+ eth0 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-C4-T1
IBM 10 Gigabit Ethernet SR DDR PCI-X
Adapter (1410eb02)
+ pci1 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1 PCI Bus
+ pci2 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1 PCI Bus
+ pci3 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1 PCI Bus
+ scsi3 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-C3-T1
Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel Host
Adapter LP10000 Common
+ sde U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-C3-T1-L0-L0
Fibre Channel Disk Drive (26800 MB)
+ sdf U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-C3-T1-L0-L1
Fibre Channel Disk Drive (26800 MB)
+ sdg U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-C3-T1-L1-L0
Fibre Channel Disk Drive (26800 MB)
+ sdh U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-C3-T1-L1-L1
Fibre Channel Disk Drive (26800 MB)
+ pci4 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1 PCI Bus
+ scsi0-1 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-T12
ATA Adapter (5a107512)
+ scd0 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P4-D2
+ pci5 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1 PCI Bus
+ scsi2 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1 SCSI I/O Controller (1410d302)
+ scsi2:0 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-T10
SCSI I/O Controller Channel
+ sg5 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-T10-L15-L0
SCSI Enclosure Services Device
+ sda U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-T10-L3-L0
16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive (73400 MB)
+ sdb U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-T10-L4-L0
16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive (73400 MB)
+ sdc U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-T10-L5-L0
16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive (73400 MB)
+ sdd U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-T10-L8-L0
16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive (73400 MB)
+ scsi2:1 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-T11
SCSI I/O Controller Channel
+ pci6 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1 PCI Bus
+ eth1 U787F.001.DPM18BL-P1-C5-T1
IBM 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter

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