40 Implementing Linux on Integrated xSeries Solutions for iSeries
17.The Monitor Configuration display is shown. Select the correct monitor if possible. Click
18.The Customize Graphics Configuration display is shown. Change the values if required.
Click Next.
19.Remove the installation diskette and CD-ROM. Click Exit to reboot the server.
20.After the server has rebooted you see the Welcome display. Click Next.
21.On the License Agreement dislay, accept the license. Click Next.
22.Set the date and time. Click Next.
23.You are prompted to create an additional user. We recommend that you create at least
one other account so that you do not need to always sign on as root. Click Next.
24.Register your Linux server as required. Click Next.
25.Install files from any additional CDs. Click Next.
26.Finish the installation by clicking Next.
27.Log in as root or some other user.
You must now perform the tasks described in 2.10, “Completing the post-installation tasks” on
page 43, to complete the installation.
2.9.2 Completing the installation of SLES 8
To complete the installation of a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 (SLES 8) server:
1. The xSeries server boots from the SLES 8 CD-ROM.
If you do not press the Alt key on the initial install screen, you will not be prompted for the
Driver Update diskette. At this point you need to abort the installation and reboot your
server. You can do this by clicking the Abort installation button and selecting the
Exit/Reboot option in the following prompt. When the server boots up again, make sure
you press the Alt key on the initial install screen.
2. The following message is displayed: Please get your Driver Update Floppy ready.
Press Enter.
3. Insert the driver diskette when prompted. Press Enter.
Note: There are special considerations for particular models of xSeries machines, or if
you are installing on an xSeries server with an RSA II card. See the Web sites listed in
2.5.1, “Reviewing the planning documentation” on page 11, for details.
Important: During the SLES 8 install, if you do not respond to the prompts in a timely
fashion, errors may occur. While we describe how to recover from these errors, you can
avoid them by paying close attention to the Linux console.
Attention: As soon as you see the SUSE LINUX ENTERPRISE SERVER GUI start on
the Linux server’s console, press the Alt key. This is necessary for using a Driver
Update diskette with the installation program.

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