Deploying a pod

As mentioned earlier, Kubernetes relies heavily on Yet Another Markup Language (YAML) files to configure API elements. In order to deploy a pod, we need to create a yaml file, but first, just create a folder called deployments, where we are going to create all the descriptors that we will be created on this section. Create a file called pod.yaml (or pod.yml) with the following content:

apiVersion: v1kind: Podmetadata:  name: nginx  labels:    name: nginxspec:  containers:  - name: nginx     image: nginx     ports:      - containerPort: 80     resources:       requests:         memory: "64Mi"         cpu: "250m"

As you can see, the preceding yaml is fairly descriptive, but some points need clarification:

  • apiVersion: This is the version of the Kubernetes API that we are ...

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