Frontend optimization

Most websites today consist of a huge piece of CSS that contains style sheets that define how a website should look. Many have JavaScript to make the website more dynamic. Many sites are also media-heavy, meaning that they have a large amount of image and video content. A common problem with these sites that they are not always optimized for mobile users in terms of delivery.

This is where frontend optimization comes in—it allows NetScaler to optimize data before sending it back to the client.

So what can frontend optimization actually do? Here's a list:

  • JavaScript
    • Make inline
    • Minify
  • Image
    • Shrink to attributes
    • Convert GIF to PNG
    • Lazy load
    • Make inline
    • Optimize
    • Convert to WEBP
    • Convert to the JXR format
  • CSS
    • Make inline
    • Combine
    • Convert imports ...

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