Abstract Syntax Notation. See ASN.1

accept system call, 23

adding/subtracting machines (computers), 570


double and add approach (multiplication), 106, 116, 134, 150, 153, 213, 503

"ecc.c" point addition implementation, 212213

"ecc_int.c" add_points routine, 152

huge numbers, 9398

"huge.c" add (overflow expansion), 97

"huge.c" add routine, 9495

"huge.c" add routine (addition routine), 96

"huge.c" add routine (size computation), 95

"huge."c" add with negative number support, 143144

"huge."c" add_magnitude and subtract_magnitude, 143

Adleman, Leonard, 91. See also RSA algorithm

Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm. See AES algorithm

"Advances in Cryptology '86," 114

AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data) mode ciphers, 490523

AES-CCM, 496502

"aes.c" aes_ccm_encrypt, 498500

"aes.c" aes_ccm_process common routine for encrypt and decrypt, 500502

"aes.c" aes_ccm_process with associated data, 511512

"aes.c" main routine modified to accept associated data, 513514

AES-GCM v., 505509

"aes.h" AES-CCM and AES-GCM with associated data support, 510511

block ciphers v., 517

diagram, 497

encryption example, 514515

overview, 496497

popularity, 502

stream ciphers v., 517


"aes.c" aes_gcm_encrypt, 505508

"aes.c" aes_gcm_process with associated data length declaration, 516517

"aes.c" aes_gcm_process with associated data support, 516

"aes.c" aes_gcm_process with encrypt and decrypt support, 508509

AES-CCM v., 505509

"aes.h" AES-CCM and AES-GCM ...

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