Chapter 2. Infrastructure planning 23
Product highlights are as follows;
A 2 TB SATA disk drive (7200 RPM) or 600 GB SAS disk drive (15000 RPM)
Support for a three-enclosure configuration with SAS/SATA intermix in the same enclosure
High-performance sequential I/O: Reads and writes at up to 5.9 GBps with no RAID 6
write penalty.
Dense packaging and capacity, with up to 1.2 PB in a single rack and 2.4 PB in only two
floor tiles
High availability: Data access is ensured access independent of disk, enclosure or
controller failures.
Extreme reliability: Data transfer rates are sustained, independent of disk or enclosure
failures, dynamic detection and correction of SATA silent data-corruption errors, and
RAID 6 reliability.
Fiber channel 8 Gbps 8 ports or InfiniBand 4x DDR (20 Gbps) 8 ports, InfiniBand model
direct connect to InfiniBand Switch
2.4 Industry solution design
This section introduces several representative industry solutions and how to configure and
use GPFS with the solutions.
Items to consider regarding industry application performance are as follows:
Server system processor performance
Memory channel bandwidth and performance
Network bandwidth performance
System bus architecture and bandwidth on each adapter
File system block size
Single and multiple streams with large data blocks
Checkpoint and restart options with large and small I/O requests
Checkpoint and restart on large file count
Parallel checking through the directory trees
Random stat() system call to files in the file system
2.4.1 High-Performance Computing
This section provides solution details for the High Performance Computing industry.
Introduction to the Abaqus solution
The Abaqus FEA suite of software is known for its high performance, quality, and ability to
solve more kinds of challenging simulations than any other software. The Abaqus suite
consists of four core products: Abaqus/Standard, Abaqus/Explicit, and Abaqus/CFD, and
Abaqus/CAE. Each package offers optional modules that address specialized capabilities
that customer might need. The core products are described as follows:
Abaqus/CFD provides advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities with extensive
support for pre-processing and post-processing provided in Abaqus/CAE. These scalable
parallel CFD simulation capabilities address a broad range of nonlinear coupled
fluid-thermal and fluid-structural problems.
Abaqus/Standard provides analysis technology for the solution of traditional implicit finite
element analyses (FEA), including static or dynamic stress/displacement, heat transfer,

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